About us

Welcome to the Inderbrook Dog Training Society, which is often known as the Elstead Dog Training Club.

Mrs Linge and Mrs Christine Jenkins originally formed the society in 1973, training at the Shackelford Village Hall. Later that year they moved to our current venue, The Elstead Village Hall and the Youth Centre next door.

The name Inderbrook was a result of the integration of their "dog" prefixes, Mrs Jenkins "Rochindan" line and Mrs Linge's "Emberbrook".

The Society has 2 sections –

Ringcraft – A valuable opportunity to train your dog for the show ring
Obedience – From puppy socialisation and basic first steps of obedience to Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Award and beyond.

Both sections are run under the watchful eye of the IDTS management committee and as a member of the society you are entitled to attend either or both sections.

Where are we?

Elstead Village Hall
Thursley Road
Surrey GU8 6DG

Elstead Village Hall

When do we meet?

Ringcraft: Mondays from 7.30 to 9.00/9.30pm
Obedience: Wednesdays from 6.45 to 10.00pm – see Obedience page for details

Visit our Facebook page for the latest information.

What does it cost?

Obedience Classes

£50 for a course of 6 lessons (membership fee inc.) paid by bank transfer in advance.  Bank details are supplied when signing up for the course.


£5 per dog per evening paid on arrival





As approved at the Club AGM held on 14th June 2017



 IDTS is a membership club, run by members for the members by means of an elected committee.




A member is any person who has completed the necessary application procedures and who is up to date with the payment of membership fees.


Up to 14 members who have been individually nominated, seconded and elected by the members present at an Annual General Meeting. Once elected the committee organises itself so that 4 of the committee undertake the roles of chairman and vice chairman of the committee, secretary and treasurer. All committee members (including chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer) must retire at the next AGM but all are eligible to stand again for election to the committee. The committee may co-opt additional members as required who then have the same status as other members of the committee.


 1. NAME

a) The name of the Club shall be Inderbrook Dog Training Society ( IDTS).

b) The object of the Club shall be to train dogs and handlers. To encourage and promote responsible dog ownership and participation in dog shows and obedience competitions.


a) The club shall consist of an unrestricted number of members. A confidential record of the names and addresses (including email addresses and telephone numbers) shall be maintained by the Hon Secretary. The record may take the form of a computer database. The Hon Treasurer shall have access to this record. A list of the names of current members may be made available to committee members undertaking door duties on club nights and/or other club activities.

b) Applications for membership shall be considered by the committee that shall have absolute power in respect of the admission of members.

c) The payment of a subscription does not automatically entitle the candidate to membership. A valid Certificate of Vaccination must accompany an application for a puppy/dog less than 12 months old.

d) The committee shall have the authority to award past or present members with honorary club membership.


A member may resign membership at any time but shall not be entitled to the return of any subscription paid.


a) If, in the opinion of the committee, the conduct of any member shall be injurious to the character or interest of the Club, the committee may suspend or terminate the membership of that member. The proposal to suspend or terminate a membership shall be considered at a committee meeting where the proposal is a specific agenda item or at a committee meeting where the proposal to suspend or terminate membership is the only topic. The member specified shall be given details of the complaint and invited to attend part of the relevant committee meeting to present their case. The member specified may not participate or be present at the subsequent discussions of the committee. That member shall be advised of any terms of a suspension or the immediate termination of the membership. If the decision is to terminate the membership, that member shall cease to be a member from that time.

b) A member who has resigned or whose resignation has been requested, or whose membership has been suspended or terminated, shall forfeit all rights and privileges of the Club and shall return forthwith to the Hon Secretary any cups or trophies they have.


a) The financial year of the Club shall commence on 1st April and end on the 31st March in each year.

b) The annual subscription payable by each member shall be fixed by the committee and approved at the AGM. Subscriptions are due for payment from 1st January

c) Any person becoming a member on or after 1st November shall remain a member until 31 December the following year.

d) The committee shall have the power to raise funds for the Club in any way it deems fit.


a) The management of the Club shall be vested in a committee consisting of a chairman, vice chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and up to ten other members.

b) No individual who has been a member for less than six months may be elected onto the committee.

c) The Club may invite a president and not more than six vice presidents who shall be nominated by the committee and elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting for a period of three years and be eligible for re-election for a further three-year period. The president and vice-presidents may attend any meetings of the Club and its committee but may not vote at any such meeting.

d) The committee shall have power to co-opt further members to fill casual vacancies.

e) The committee shall have the authority to appoint and reward past or present members with honorary club membership.

f) The committee shall meet at such times as they consider advisable. The quorum for such meetings being six members personally present.

g) The committee may appoint a sub-committee for any purpose deemed advisable provided at least 50% of the members of such sub Committee are members of the main committee. Any such subcommittee shall not have executive powers nor be permitted to operate the Club’s banking or savings accounts.


a) The members of the committee shall retire annually and shall be eligible for re-election.

b) The election of the committee shall take place at the Annual General Meeting.

c) Prior to the Annual General Meeting the Hon. Secretary shall invite nominations for membership of the committee. Two members of the Club in writing shall make such nominations with the written consent of the nominee to the Hon. Secretary at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting. A list of all nominations shall be displayed on the Club’s website 7 days before the Annual General Meeting.

d) If there are more nominations than vacancies, election shall be by ballot of those present and eligible to vote at the AGM and the result declared at the meeting.

e) If a ballot is required the committee shall appoint a returning officer who shall make the necessary arrangements for the distribution, collecting and counting of the ballot papers.


a) An AGM must be held each year in the month of May or June to receive the report of the committee and the balance sheet, elect the committee and discuss any resolution duly placed on the Agenda of which 21days prior notice has been given to the Hon. Secretary. No business shall be transacted at an AGM unless notice thereof appears on the Agenda.

b) A Special General Meeting may be summoned by the Hon. Secretary at the request of the committee or at the written request of at least twenty members of the Club specifying the business to be transacted. No business other than the matter on the Agenda can be discussed at such a meeting.

c) 14 days notice must be given of any such meeting.

d) The quorum for General Meetings shall be 12 members personally present.


At all meetings of the Club or of the committee, voting shall be by a show of hands or by ballot as agreed by the members present and one vote will be allowed to each member. In the event of equality in the votes cast, the chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote. Co-opted members of the committee have one vote at committee meetings.


The property of the Club shall be vested in the committee for the time being. Trophies owned by the Club should be kept fully insured.


a) The Hon. Treasurer shall receive all monies, keep a proper record of the receipts and payments and submit a properly audited income and expenditure account and balance sheet to the members at the AGM.

b) Bank accounts and/or other form of savings accounts shall be operated by the Hon. Treasurer together with other designated committee members. Financial transactions may be authorised by any two of the designated committee members. .

c) The committee members on duty on Club nights must pass the money taken that night to the Hon. Treasurer within 7 days of that class.


a) The instructor of any class shall be in sole charge and shall be empowered to exclude any dogs or handlers at his/her discretion. The instructor will also be empowered to exclude any bitch in season or any dog that is believed to be infected or have been in contact with infected dogs. The committee may require the owner of such a dog to produce a veterinary certificate before allowing that dog to attend classes again. The instructor may exclude any dog deemed to be vicious towards other dogs or members.

b) Children are welcome at training classes subject to the approval of the instructor in charge. They shall be controlled by an adult responsible for them.


a) Any demonstrations given in the name of the Club shall be organised by the committee or subcommittee appointed for that purpose.

b) All competitions shall be under the absolute control of the committee.


The payment of the membership subscription shall be deemed to be an implied agreement on the part of the member to abide by the rules of the Club.


All complaints on any matter shall be referred in writing to the Hon. Secretary and dealt with at the next committee meeting.


a) The dissolution of the Club may be considered on the unanimous recommendation of the committee or on the request of not less than one third of the members of the Club. A Special General Meeting shall be called giving 21 days notice of the date and the purpose of the meeting. Dissolution shall take place only when decided upon by a resolution carried by a majority of not less than two thirds of the members present at the meeting.

b) On dissolution, the assets of the Club shall be sold. The funds of the Club remaining after the payment of all its debts shall be given or transferred to some other society or societies having objectives similar to those of the Club, or to some charitable institution whichever the members present at the Special General Meeting decide by a simple majority when the resolution for dissolution is passed. The funds of the club remaining after the payment of all its debts shall not be paid to or distributed amongst members of the Club


The rules of the Club shall not be altered except by the vote of a two thirds majority of members present at the Annual General Meeting.


a) In any matter not covered by these Rules the decision of the committee shall be final.

b) No person whilst an un-discharged bankrupt may serve on the committee.